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Planning is at the core of every great business. Managing your business on a day-to-day basis is inherently more effective in the context of focused planning. Branham has a proven approach to business planning.
Branham provides planning services through its own proprietary planning methodologies – the Business Review Service (BRS) and the Strategic Planning Process (SPP) – which allows our clients to answer the following three questions:
Where are we today?
Where do we want to be?
How are we going to get there?
This process helps our clients to:
  • Re-Invent their business
  • Chart a course for growth
  • Differentiate themselves from their competitors, and
  • Emerge as the clear choice


Competing in today’s fast moving markets is really contingent on having the intelligence your enterprise needs to proactively remove all challenges, seize the opportunity and grow. We understand your organization is unique – simply put you need tailored market intelligence on an ongoing basis. Primary market research is not only our heritage but we know that’s what you need to differentiate your value proposition.

We can deliver tailored intelligence to help you:
Understand the requirements of your target market(s) and customers
Entrench and expand your market position
Track your competitors and validate your product/service differentiation
Predict major market pivots in your target segment
Identify new areas of opportunity
Create and fine tune your ‘value proposition’


The road to the customer is not exclusively direct. There are a number of indirect channels successful ICT companies must deploy. And having both direct and indirect channels to the customer is not the only partnership that is required. Financial, Academic and Development partners are often key ingredients to a successful recipe for success. Our research based Identify, Qualify and Negotiate (IQN) methodology provides a comprehensive approach to develop an internal and external partner ecosystem.
Branham can assist our clients in securing strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions, technology agreements, sources of development expertise, distribution channel agreements and investment capital that can:
  • Expand your market reach into new geographies or new industry segments
  • Strengthen the knowledge-base of your management team
  • Reduce the cost of deployment
  • Reduce time to market, and
  • Add more value to your customers