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Branham Group would like to thank all companies that submitted an application for the 2014 Edition of the Branham300. The listing will be made available April 22nd on our website at

For further information on the Branham300, and complete details on current and previous editions of the listing, please visit

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Branham Report - Canada's ICT Industry:
A National Perspective

Canada's ICT Industry: A National PerspectiveThe 2013 Edition of Branham's annual report, Canada's ICT Industry: A National Perspective, is now available. To learn about this year's report and how to obtain a copy, please contact us.

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As a leading industry analyst and strategic consulting firm exclusively focused on the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) sector, Branham assists firms in the three critical areas to improve business performance:

Branham is committed to delivering innovation by shaping data, intelligence and knowledge into focused analysis, breakthrough advice and thought leadership. Branham helps firms make informed decisions and ultimately reduce risk. Read More

While the healthcare market has been slow to adopt change, the adoption rate of ICT has not only multiplied manifold but adoption is now taking place at all levels of the healthcare sector. ICT is being lauded as an enabler of the change that must occur if we are to have a sustainable and robust health system. The Branham Digital Health NOW Subscription Package provides unbiased information and analysis of trends in Canadian Digital Health, across the entire continuum of care (primary, acute, continuing and home care market segments). Read More

Driven by a growing environmental consciousness, government legislation or simply the need to reduce energy costs, businesses are increasingly including "green" as part of their corporate strategies. Understanding and implementing Green IT initiatives is fast becoming a corporate imperative. Learn how Branham’s Green IT Research Initiative can help both buyers and vendors of Green IT solutions make informed decisions. Read More

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2014 Edition of the Branham300: Canada's Definitive Ranking of the ICT Leaders
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Branham Group Launches the 2014 Edition of its Digital Health NOW Subscription Services
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Branham Group Releases Report on International Health Care Markets
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